StakeHolder Interviews
by Terra Friedrichs
*  Hundreds of Interviewing/Case Study Projects
*  Thousands of Interviews
*  World Class client-base
*  Technology/Product Management/Operations Background
*  BS Electrical Engineering, MS Finance

Terra's technical experience, deploying and managing technology infrastructure and applications, allows her a unique perspective with which to connect with interviewees.

Terra's personality and seasoned interviewing skills help interviewees feel comfortable sharing information that they may not share with other interviewers.

Terra has experience working with world class clients, including IDC, Gartner Group, The Economist, Pyramid Research, the Yankee Group, Datapro, McGraw-Hill, etc. She is able to deliver top-notched, polished results... the first time...AFFORDABLY!

Terra has worked with the world's top technology vendors and service providers, including Cisco, SAP, Microsoft, etc.  So she is able to understand what managers at these companies need from interviews

Terra has a proven history of managing large interviewing projects.  She delivers ON TIME!

If you are a systems integrator or other service provider that wants to provide a value added service to your clients, please contact me as soon as possible.  We may be able to partner to provide your clients a new type of service.  Our goal is to help them target their technology deployments in a more focused way...faster...with a higher return than they ever thought possible.

Terra Friedrichs, Interviewer & Project Manager

terraf @ compuserve (dot) com
978 808 7173 (cell)
978 266 2778 (office)
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