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Terra Friedrichs, Interviewer & Project Manager

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In the olde days...

If you remember Product Management Associates' early days, when we were helping do big market research jobs with the likes of DataPro (yes, remember them?), McGraw-Hill, the Economist, Northern Business Information (pre-Gartner!), etc etc...

This is from our old website:

When the photographer showed up
at a staff meeting one day, here's (some of) what happened...


'Twas the day before Delivery of the Product,
and all through the office the sound of
construction was heard...


Alan Groves, our expert economist struggles with an econometrics, market sizing, forecasting challenge...


Terra prays to the fax for last minute input from a far away country on many internet connections they have... to help us estimate the size of the market... or is she praying for business?

The team decided to estimate!  Please don't miss!


Terra jumps in to help gather more info to
assist in the estimating process.

And in the end, the analysis is done...
and they make it all look like a piece of cake!

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