StakeHolder Interviews
by Terra Friedrichs
Metrics Development

During the process of interviewing, I develop an understanding of the "factors" which determine either a course of action and/or a decision process "of interest".

The client determines the "topic of interest".

Because of my engineering, finance and operations background and my natural fascination with numbers, I am inclined to develop methods for measuring complex aspects of an operation.

This might include the "inclination" of someone to do something, which would measure the likelihood of purchase. It might include a "risk" factor and how that risk translates into dollars.  It might include a "quantification" of how a worker spends his/her time on specific process components.

Either way, my interviews are known for "zeroing" in on key factors and finding ways to measure them.

The factors that I have developed from "early stage" interviews are regularly turned into full-scale consumer market research programs which measure mass behaviors.

These quantifications help strategic planners to determine small changes that result in large future advantages.

Let me do a few interviews for you!  So I can show you how to use my product to help you plan strategically!

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