StakeHolder Interviews
by Terra Friedrichs
Interviews and Case Studies done Right!

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Terra Friedrichs, Interviewer & Project Manager

terra at stakeholderinterviews (dot) com
978 808 7.1-73 (cell)
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Let's Partner!

If your clients buy information, I can help you create a high value-add information stream. Custom data is my specialty.  I can gather metrics that others can't! 

Ethics and Confidentiality Statement:

I do not do
"competitive intelligence".

Every interview I do is with complete disclosure to the interviewee was to how the information will be used, and who will see the information.

My motto: 
Your data is your data...!

I believe that your data should only be used in a way that you feel comfortable with.

Calls for corporate clients may be recorded for quality assurance.
Experienced Technology Analyst/Interviewer/Writer 

Case Studies for:

- Documenting your technology successes!
- Showing shareholders, team members, partners, etc what you're doing 

Interviews & Analysis for:

- Benchmarking & Stakeholder Preference Tracking
- Customer Satisfaction
- Checking Vendor References
- Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis
- Business Case Modeling
- Technology Deployment Research
- RFP and RFI Vendor Inquiries
- Technology Deployment Data
- Due Diligence
- Sales Lead Development
- Contact Development

Your Stake Holders:

- Customers & Client's Customers
- Partners & Vendors
- Employees

Find out what they think! 


Conduct interviews to:

- ESTIMATE the costs/benefits/risks of potential technology development for your business case
DETERMINE what direction YOUR stakeholders want your business to take.
ASSESS the ROI on your recent technology investment
- GATHER Benchmarking data/metrics
- DEVELOP stakeholder "buyin" for upcoming product introduction
- PERFORM outreach to gather support for upcoming change
- ANALYZE the differences between vendor deployments

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